Gainesville Veterans Program is a two year transitional housing program for men from all branches of service who want to rebuild their lives and work toward reintegrating into the community as a productive member of society.  The program is operated by the Volunteers of America of Florida, services available at Gainesville Veterans Program include: Housing, Health Services, Training, Education, Counseling and Employment.

Acceptance into this program requires:

  • Registration with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • A completed referral form
  • An on-site interview with the program director and staff
  • Verification of eligibility by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Liaison
  • A drug and alcohol screening provided by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • If alcohol or illegal substances have been an issue, you will be required to have a sponsor and attending regular AA and/or NA meetings for a month prior to acceptance into the program.

Referral interviews are scheduled for veterans every Thursday morning at the Volunteers of America of Florida Gainesville Veterans Program office.

Individuals are expected to pay 30% of their income toward rent, and basic utilities are included.  If a person has no income, they are not expected to pay rent until they begin to receive income.

The Volunteers of America of Florida Gainesville Veterans Program office is located at the Regency Oaks Apartments at 3230 SW Archer Road  Apt# N266 Gainesville, Florida 32608. The Gainesville Veterans Program is intermingled within the lush grounds of Regency Oaks Apartments.

For more information regarding this property please contact Dolly Rodriguez at (352) 377-9440 or by email at

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